Pinnacle Tech focuses exclusively on the needs of marketers. Our primary objective is helping customers maximize marketing productivity and effectiveness.



Email + Multi-Channel Dialog

Engage with customers through highly personalized e-mails or other preferred channels.

Mobile Engagement

Deliver personalized experiences to your on-the-go audience.

Customer Behavior and Insights

Understand customer behavior and campaign performance.

Lead Management

Capture, qualify and nurture leads.

Personalization and Optimization

Drive highly personalized messaging at scale.

Real-Time Customer Interaction

Deliver the right message when the moment strikes.

Customer Journey Management

Design and automate customer journeys and experiences.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

Achieve better planning, budgeting and ROI.

Our Services

Comprehensive Services Customized Around Your Needs

Pinnacle Tech Advisory and Evaluation Services can help you align your marketing technology investments with your people, processes and marketing goals & objectives.  These services include:

  1. Marketing Technology GAP Analysis
  2. Needs Assessment
  3. Pilot Projects and POC’s
  4. Marketing Technology Road Maps
  5. Vendor Selection and RFP’s

We have highly skilled resources with extensive hands-on experience implementing many of the leading marketing technology solutions on the market today.  We can help you with your implementation project in a timely and cost effective manner with limited interruptions to your business.  Our implementation resources can help you with:

  1. Requirements Definition
  2. Technical Architecture and Design
  3. Installation and Configuration
  4. Testing and Deployment
  5. Project Management

With Pinnacle Tech training and on-boarding services, you can rest assured that your team will be productive as quickly as possible.  Whether it’s training new and existing team members or on-boarding new employees or contractors, we can work with you to develop customized training curriculum and on-boarding programs that are tailored specifically to your unique environment.  Our training delivery options include:

  1. On-Site 1:1 Training
  2. On-Site Classroom Training
  3. On-Line 1:1 Training
  4. On-Line Classroom Training

Our marketing operations and support resources can help keep your operations running smoothly and on schedule, your systems running at maximum performance and availability and keep your end users happy and productive.  They can be deployed on-site or remote (on-shore or off-shore) over multiple geographies and time zones.  Our operations and support resources offered include:

  1. Campaign Management and Execution
  2. Marketing Analytics and Reporting
  3. Marketing Application and Database Administration
  4. End User Support

As each customer’s operations and support needs can vary widely, we can work with you one-on-one to develop a customized plan that meets your specific business and technology environment needs.

If you’re looking to get more out of your existing marketing technology investment, increase end user adoption or fine tune your current marketing processes and procedures, we can help.  Our optimization experts can help you build a comprehensive plan to get you from where you’re at today to where you want to be in the future with a keen focus on increasing marketing scale and effectiveness.  More specifically, our optimization experts can help you with:

  1. Leveraging Unused System Functionality
  2. Increasing End User Adoption Rates
  3. Application Usage Best Practices
  4. Identifying and Eliminating Process Bottlenecks
  5. Revamping Current Marketing Procedures

About us

We have decades of experience helping companies increase marketing productivity and effectiveness.

Case Studies

Showcasing some of our client stories

Marketing Platform

Medical weight loss company offering sustainable medically supervised weight loss programs.  Company is privately held, has been in business for over 9 years and has 13 locations.

  1. Process of extracting, transforming and loading data into e-mail system
    very time consuming and inefficient
  2. Unable to respond quickly to new e-mail marketing opportunities
  3. Heavy reliance on already overburdened IT staff to pull data from
    multiple systems
  4. Unable to support highly personalized, automated, trigger-based messaging across multiple channels
  1. Defined requirements, managed RFP and selected new marketing platform vendor
  2. Identified all data sources and data flows and built new centralized 360 degree data warehouse
  3. Implemented new marketing platform and integrated with new 360 degree data warehouse and existing CRM system
  4. Created easy to use data and content templates
  5. Trained end users to use new system

Data updated automatically and continuously which enables:


  1. Automated, event triggered messaging
  2. Ability to take action on customer behaviors in real time
  3. Faster campaign set up and execution
  4. Ability to send highly personalized, automated messages at scale
  5. New platform enables client to easily expand to additional channels and data sources in the future

Process Improvement

Personalized products and services e-commerce company.  Company has been in business over 17 years, is publicly traded, has a revenues of ~$1B and has ~10M active customers.

  1. Too many rounds of proofs for e-mail campaigns
  2. Final (locked down) creative assets too late
  3. Not enough lead time for: creating campaigns in campaign mgmt. and ESP system, coding HTML e-mails, reviewing campaign rules/logic
  1. Interviewed two people from each marketing group
  2. Attended weekly status meetings
  3. Reviewed documents/templates used throughout entire campaign process
  4. Created comprehensive workflow diagram across multiple marketing groups and time segments

Provided concrete recommendations to streamline end-to-end process. This enabled:


  1. Fewer rounds of e-mail proofs
  2. Final creative assets delivered more timely
  3. Increased lead time for downstream processes

Contact Optimization

Global asset management company.  Company has been in business over 60 years, is publicly traded and has revenues of ~$7.5B.

  1. Too many emails sent to a large portion of customers. This can lead to contact fatigue, thus causing decreased engagement and increased optout rates.
  2. E-mail volumes continue to rise year over year
  3. Current manual contact suppression method is limited
  4. More sophisticated tool and processes needed to better manage email fatigue
  1. Work with customer to develop contact strategy rules
  2. Define current e-mail campaign roles and processes (current state)
  3. Identify technology solution, that integrates with client’s existing campaign management system, to manage new contact strategy rules
  4. Define new roles and processes necessary to execute new contact strategy rules through new system (future state)
  5. Implement new technology solution and train end users
  1. Able to set up and deploy more complex contact rules and constraints than could before
  2. E-mail caps/limits strictly enforced (nothing falls through the cracks)
  3. Able to easily perform different “what-if” scenarios, using different contact rules, which wasn’t feasible to do before
  4. Solution fully integrated with customer’s existing campaign management system

Our Clients

Companies we work with directly or through partners


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