• Migration of Adobe Campaign Classic to Adobe Campaign Standard

    Migration of Adobe Campaign Classic to Adobe Campaign Standard:

    In the below paragraph we will explain the migration of data from Adobe Campaign Classic to Campaign Standard in a very simple process.

    Before starting the data migration, first we need to perform few the activities in Adobe Campaign Standard

    • Create Operator & Operator Group: Check the operators available in Adobe Campaign Classic & then create the same set of operator and operator groups in Adobe Campaign Standard.
    • Create Typology & Typology rules: Now check for the Typologies and then create the same set of Typologies & Typology rules in the Adobe Campaign Standard.
    • Data Schemas/ Resources: Next Step is to create the Resources (Data Schemas) in the Adobe Campaign Standard. First check the Data Schema definition in the Schemas available in the Campaign classic and then create the same Data Schemas in Adobe Campaign Standard in resources section available Under Home >> Administration >> Development >> Custom Resources.

    • External accounts: Now if you have your data in a remote database then you can create an external account under Home >> Administration >> Application Settings >> External accounts. While creating external account select the External Database option and connect to your external database using the credentials.

      Types of External account Available in Adobe Campaign Standard.
      – FTP
      – SFTP
      – HTTP
      – POP
      – External Database
      – Execution Instance
      – Adobe Experience Manage
      – Amazon S3
      – Adobe Analytics
    • Import the data: Once you have created the external account for the database and the custom resources then you can create a workflow to finally import your data in the data schemas.

      The best way to import data into Adobe Campaign standard will be by Flat files. If you are using any CRM like Microsoft CRM or Salesforce. Then you can choose to create an external account to import data directly to Adobe Campaign Standard.

    • Program, Campaign & Workflow Creation: Plans are not available in the Adobe Campaign Standard. So now you can create the Program, Campaign & Workflow the same way you used to create in Adobe Campaign Classic.

      Note: Many of the activities you see in Adobe Campaign Classic are not available in the Adobe Campaign Standard. So you will have to keep in mind what activities to use while recreating the campaign in Adobe Campaign Standard.

    Difference between workflow activities available in Campaign Classic & Campaign Standard

    Type Activities Campaign Classic Campaign Standard




















    Query Yes Yes
    Read List/ Read Audience Yes Yes
    Union Yes Yes
    Intersection Yes Yes
    Exclusion Yes Yes
    Split/Segmentation Yes Yes
    Cells Yes No
    Offers by Cell Yes No
    Survey Responses Yes No
    Predictive Split Yes No
    Enrichment Yes Yes
    Edit Schema Yes No
    Incremental Query Yes Yes
    Offer Engine Yes No
    DeDuplication Yes Yes
    Change Dimension Yes No
    Subscription Services Yes Yes
    List Update/Save Audience Yes Yes
    Update Data Yes Yes
    CRM Connector Yes No
    Flow Control











    Start Yes Yes
    End Yes Yes
    Fork Yes Yes
    AND-Join Yes Yes
    Scheduler Yes Yes
    Test Yes No
    Wait Yes Yes
    Time-Constraint Yes No
    Sub-Workflow Yes No
    Jump (Start Point) Yes No
    Jump (End Point) Yes No
     Flow Control



    External Signal Yes Yes
    Approval Yes No
    Alert Yes No



















    Delivery Yes Yes
    Delivery control Yes No
    Continous Delivery Yes No
    Local Approval Yes No
    Content Management Yes No
    Data Loading(RDBMS) Yes No
    Loading(SOAP) Yes No
    Data Loading (File) Yes No
    Data Extraction (File) Yes No
    SQL Code Yes No
    Javascript Code Yes No
    Advanced Javascript Code Yes No
    nlserver module Yes No
    Import(V4) Yes No
    Export(v4) Yes No
    Microsoft CRM Yes No
    Oracle CRM on Demand Yes No
    SalesForce Yes No
    Update Aggregate Yes No





    File Collector Yes Yes
    File Transfer Yes Yes
    Web Download Yes Yes
    Inbound Email Yes No
    Inbound SMS Yes No


    Activities available in Campaign Standard

    Activities available in Campaign Classic

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